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The primary focus of the Inner Immersion method is as a breakthrough modality. The Inner Immersion method helps participants to quickly identify underlying issues behind of some of the painful situations and adverse behaviors they are experiencing. Inner Immersion involves two distinct components, the group workshop and the one-on-one session and the method is best experienced as a whole, however, each component in itself has tremendous value and impact. 



Inner Immersion Intensive Workshop

3 Hour intensive group workshop incorporating color frequency, sound, and breath-work in an active guided meditation. Participants are guided through a series of specifically designed images and create their own responsive artwork during this fast-paced workshop.  

$125.00 per participant. Maximum 10 participants per session.



Inner Immersion Private Session

One on one session with Joe Hernandez or Certified Inner Immersion Facilitator. Recommended after participating in the Inner Immersion Intensive. Participant is guided through specific artwork and the session allows the participant to discuss and process complex issues in a private session. Session incorporates color frequency, sound, breath-work and the participant's own artwork. 



Inner Immersion Licensed Mental Health Professional Certification Program

The Inner Immersion Certification Program is a 100 classroom hour program with an additional 100 clinical hours and case consultation requirement. The Inner Immersion method has had greater successes in making breakthroughs and building trust than most widely employed modalities and provides the licensed mental health professional with an additional revenue and source of referrals. If you would like more information about our certification program please contact us.



Inner Immersion Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Program

Coming soon...This program is currently under development with our Licensed Mental Health consultants




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