Inner Immersion 

Inner Immersion is a highly effective, cutting edge mindfulness modality. The method is engineered in two parts: 


The Group Intensive: a dynamic, engaging and fast-paced group session


The One-on-One Session: a reflective, confidential private session 


Using the therapeutic frequencies of color (like immersing oneself in water) participants focus on, and are exposed to, specifically designed images in an active guided meditation format.  


The modality incorporates color frequency, spoken word, breath-work, sound, and the participants' own artwork.


We offer the Inner Immersion method as an in-house modality in clinical and professional settings. We work with a referral network of approved licensed practioners.


Inner Immersion offers certification in the Inner Immersion method to licensed mental health professionals. If you would like more information on the certification process please contact us.



Areas of effectiveness:

After years of working with over 600 clients we have found the Inner Immersion program to be highly effective in helping clients connect with their authentic self and tap into their inner wisdom and their own resilience to deal with issues including: 

  • Emotional, physical or sexual abuse

  • Addiction

  • Low self-esteem

  • Depression

  • Chronic illness

  • Trauma

  • PTSD

  • Eating disorders

  • Grief

  • Relationship issues

If you are a licensed practitioner and would like more information about joining our referral network please contact us.



Inner Immersion provides participants with effective tools to:
  • Develop an open attention without over-identifying with painful experiences or fears

  • Release past experiences or erroneous mindsets to move forward consciously and participate more fully in life

  • Cleanse and recharge own energy fields

  • Learn to tap into inner guidance, intuition and own resilience

  • Realign with own true purpose of loving and supportive relationships, joy and service

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