About Us

Inner Immersion was inspired after Joe's near death experience in 2000.  The therapeautic art based mindfulness modality is designed to capture and recreate ecreate the beauty, vibrancy, deep peace and tranquility of the 'living' colors he saw on the other side which he felt were key to surviving and recovering from his experience. He also created specific images to help him in his attempt to share his healing art with others. Joe subsequently evolved the Inner Immersion modality with Anastasia over a number of years.  He has a deep commitment to healing and to sharing his experience in order to help further advance the healing arts.


Joe and Anastasia Hernandez co-founded Inner Immersion, LLC in order to bring the program and tools they developed over the years to a wider audience after working together in the holistic wellness arena since 2008.


The mission of Inner Immersion is to assist practitioners in the therapeutic psychological counseling field and provide them with the effective tools they need to help their clients deal with difficult life situations.


The Team

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