Inner Immersion Certification


The Inner Immersion method has had greater successes in making breakthroughs and building trust than most widely employed modalities and provides the licensed mental health professional with an additional revenue and source of referrals. Clinical environments, particularly IOP environments where clinical staff often have a very limited time to address complex issues, can benefit greatly.  By identifying underlying issues early in the treatment and creating a strong rapport with their clients, IOPs can greatly contribute to their overall success rates.


The primary focus of the Inner Immersion method is as a breakthrough modality. It allows participants to quickly identify the underlying issues behind of some of the painful situations and adverse behaviors they are experiencing, thereby addressing two of the primary challenges faced by mental health professionals – building trust and making a significant breakthrough.


Based on our experience facilitating this work, we believe that Inner Immersion has powerful application with diverse client populations dealing with issues ranging from addition and eating disorders to childhood abuse and PTSD, and across a wide array of practice settings including clinical, educational and professional settings.


Inner Immersion is an experiential, psychoeducational methodology and we utilize these approaches in both our certification training and in our case consultation.




The Inner Immersion Certification Program


The Inner Immersion Certification Program is a 100 classroom hour program with an additional 100 clinical hours and case consultation requirement.



Methodology Training: Inner Immersion with Jose Hernandez.   The founder of the Inner Immersion, Jose, teaches the majority of the methodology classes and facilitates the group exercises. Enrollees are also introduced to members of the founding team who also teach a number of modules. Enrollees will receive an introduction to Jose’s experience and research on the Inner Immersion process, the significance of color in the Inner Immersion process, how to use the artwork created for this modality and how to interpret the client’s own artwork using the Inner Immersion method.


Experiential process. The Inner Immersion program is a highly experiential methodology.  Training for certification is fundamentally an experiential process that takes you through the Inner Immersion Curriculum. Enrollees participate in group and solo exercises to experience, explore and assimilate the core concepts of the Inner Immersion method.


Case Consultation: Case Consultation for Candidates in the Inner Immersion certification process is a unique opportunity to be guided through the clinical/coaching delivery of Inner Immersion curriculum. The case consultation process provides a parallel process for learning and modeling the content of Inner Immersion.


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Case Consultation


Case Consultation for Candidates enrolled in the Inner Immersion certification process is a unique opportunity to be guided through the clinical/coaching delivery of Inner Immersion curriculum.


The case consultation process provides a parallel process for learning and modeling the content of Inner Immersion.  You will do your case consultation with an Inner Immersion Consultant either in individual sessions or as a group.


Case Consultation can be completed in person, by Skype, or over the telephone. Candidates must complete a minimum of 10 Case Consultation sessions within 12 months of completing your Training. Case consultation is required to complete the certification process. All fees are agreed upon directly between the Case Consultant and the Candidate. The recommended fee for case consultation is $150 per individual case consultation session (per 10 clinical hours).  Fees for group consultation would be negotiated between case consultant and the Candidates.


Once you have chosen a Case Consultant and have a signed Case Consultation agreement on file with Inner Immersion office, you will become a Certified Inner Immersion Facilitator–Candidate, you will have access to Inner Immersion Curriculum to integrate into your practice, and you will be able to market your work using Inner Immersion branded assets.





The Candidate’s Responsibilities during Case Consultation:


  • To attend all scheduled case consultations or give ample notice of the need to cancel and reschedule.

  • To complete all paperwork in a timely manner.

  • Integrate Inner Immersion into their practice with individuals, groups, couples, families, or organizations.

  • Maintain all necessary licenses, professional liability insurance, etc. in order to maintain their standing in certification.

  • Maintain the highest standards of ethical practice.

  • Demonstrate sufficient mastery of necessary objectives and goals during the course of certification.

  • Pay case consultant in a timely manner.


At the completion of Case Consultation (100 clinical hours reviewed) you will become a Certified Inner Immersion Facilitator.




Inner Immersion Certification Application Procedure



  • Confirm eligibility for Certification (see below for Candidacy Eligibility)

  • Review Candidates and Facilitators Standards Policy

  • Complete Application, Pay Fees, and provide copy of valid professional license/certificate and professional  liability/indemnity/E&O insurance

  • Complete 100 Hour Certification Training 

  • Complete 100 Clinical Hours & Case Consultations

  • Maintain your Inner Immersion membership and Profile for the Referral Network







Inner Immersion Certification Candidacy Eligibility


Before applying for Certification, please review carefully.


Certification is currently open to the following professionals:


  • Licensed Psychologists

  • Licensed Professional Counselors

  • Licensed Psychiatric Nurses

  • Licensed Psychiatrists

  • Licensed Addiction Professionals

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists

  • Credentialed Professional Art Therapists


Within these professions you must be:


  • Governed by a professional body with a disciplinary board and code of ethics.

  • You must be in good standing with your professional organization.

  • Carry professional liability/ indemnity /errors & omissions (E&O) insurance.

  • Facilitating psycho-educational work must fall under the scope of what you are trained/licensed/certified to do by your profession’s governing body.


SCOPE OF WORK: Inner Immersion is a curriculum that should be used in conjunction with existing skills and integrated into Candidates’ and Facilitators’ existing practices. Certified Inner Immersion Facilitators and Certified Inner Immersion Facilitator–Candidates are only permitted to practice within their existing scope of practice as dictated by their licensure, training, or certification. Certification does not provide you with the skills to start a new line of work. For example:


  • If a person is not trained in group processing work, then s/he should not be facilitating these types of groups.

  • If a person is not trained in trauma, deep processing, or family of origin work, then s/he should not be working one-on-one with clients where these skills are necessary. If these issues emerge, clients should be referred to someone who could better meet the clients’ needs.


 * Please review the Inner Immersion Facilitator and Candidate Standards Policy.


Note:  Students or trainees in these fields cannot begin the process of certification until all eligibility requirements are met.









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