A highly effective, cutting edge mindfulness modality

Color frequency, sound and breathing techniques are employed in an active guided meditation to create the ideal environment for release and

The Program


Inner Immersion Intensive Workshop

Inner Immersion Private Session

Inner Immersion 100 Hour Practitioner Certification

Inner Immersion CEU Program


Areas of Effectiveness


Depression                            Addiction

History of abuse                    Low self-esteem

PTSD                                     Eating disorders

Trauma                                  Grief

Relationship Issues               Anxiety

About Us


Joe and Anastasia Hernandez co-founded Inner Immersion, LLC in 2008. Their mission is to bring the program and tools they developed over the years to a wider audience after working together in the holistic wellness arena since 2008. They are developing a curriculum to certify licensed mental health professionals and to offer CE credits to train in this effective and engaging mindfulness modality.




News & Articles

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"I've attended [Inner Immersion workshops] and I've benefited from each one. It's another pathway to take in learning about oneself from a deeper level than ordinary conscious awareness. Like a glacier - there is so much more underwater that can't be seen. It's this under the water content - under the consciousness - that Joe is facilitating to reveal to us. His insight can be "spot on" even though he may not know you. His rare sensitivity is a gift..."                     - GB, Psychiatric Nurse
"[Inner] Immersion has shed light down unexplored or forgotten corridors. The session was multi-faceted. Cathartic is the first word that comes to mind if I had to sum up [Inner] Immersion in one word. Each sessions is unique too, adding to the overall experiece."
                          - CB, Performing Artist & Licensed Massage Therapist

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